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Air2O is a globally-renowned HVAC solutions firm that delivers the world's most efficient and sustainable cooling solutions and air cooling technology. Air2O has a unique ability to adapt and become a hybrid cooling system, incorporating traditional refrigerant or chilled water cooling coils. Air2O’s intelligent control system can automatically respond to external weather conditions, switching its cooling strategy from evaporative cooling to AC.

Armstrong Fluid Technology is known as an innovator in the design, engineering and manufacturing of intelligent fluid-flow equipment. This global fluid technology solutions company's solutions are applied in residential, commercial and industrial installations in some of the worlds premier facilities.

Better Indoors’ primary objectives are indoor air quality problem solving and the specification of solutions, delivering market-leading products and technologies, and customer satisfaction. The solutions and services help create healthy buildings, improving the health and well-being of occupants.

EnviroKlenz products feature patented earth mineral technology comes in contact with a toxic smell or chemical compound, they actively and safely neutralize the harmful compounds without the use of masking agents or toxic chemicals. Odors are completely eliminated, and irritants are totally removed from the air, and all without any unnecessary fragrances or perfumes.

Green Cooling specialize in three distinct areas, the first being the provision of refrigerated storage to satisfy both frozen and chilled demands, the second is the application of high efficiency cooling systems utilizing the natural refrigerant CO2 and the third area is the design & installation of cooling systems with full or partial heat recovery.

Giwee Group is a global technology group integrating the production, research, and marketing of HVAC and consumer electrical appliances. The group has gathered many high-quality professional and technical talents in China, relying on technological innovation to develop products that are more in line with market trends and consumer needs, creating a more comfortable and harmonious living space for users.

Hi-line Industries provides innovative design, manufacture, supply and installation of energy efficient compressed air purification equipment. It supplies a broad range of energy efficient compressed air equipment which includes air dryers, nitrogen and oxygen generators, compressed air filtration equipment, condensate management/drains and service kits.

Howard Air focuses on providing the latest technology in superior comfort to meet all of the air conditioning and heating needs. Whether it is residential or light commercial sales, service, installation, indoor air quality or new construction, they guarantee that their specialized team will provide the best quality work.

Leanheat is a renowned developer of artificial intelligence solutions for district heating management and building automation. The smart solution is powered by Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Leanheat ensures stable indoor conditions, makes building maintenance predictive and efficient and at the same time saves heating energy.

Madison Industries is a globally-renowned mechanical engineering, HVAC equipment and industrial automation solutions firm conglomerate based out of Chicago, Illinois, USA. The conglomerate believes and strives in providing a safer and healthier world, with state-of-the-art electronics, HVAC equipment, home and building automation systems that are energy efficient and cost effective.

With a diverse network of production and R&D facilities, Panasonic delivers innovative products incorporating cutting-edge technologies that set the standard for air conditioners worldwide.

Founded in 1928, PennBarry has evolved with the HVAC industry over the years to provide full service ventilation products for commercial and light industrial applications worldwide. PennBarry is a global manufacturer of full service ventilation products for commercial and light industrial applications, including energy recovery units, make-up air systems, kitchen hoods and SupremeFan supply and exhaust products.

Pentair is a globally renowned provider of energy efficient water treatment systems, filtration products, pumps and water systems for residential, industrial, agriculture and commercial applications. They also offer a wide range of filters, valves, venting systems, heating and cooling solutions, industrial filtration and fire suppression systems.

Rush Health Systems provides health care services, ventilators, breathing apparatus and other medical equipment for the medical and rescue services. They also offer electronic health information software from Epic, leveraging Ochsner’s comprehensive tele-medicine capabilities, access to Ochsner’s nationally recognized billing systems, and other investments in state-of-the-art medical technology.

Suncourt has been manufacturing products that provide better air quality and control since 1988. Their inventory includes ventilation and ventilation related products, including centrifugal fans, dryer boosting kits, radon kits, duct fans, motorized dampers, sound control, telescoping thru wall fans, temperature sensitive switch, speed controls.

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